Welcome to the FUTURE of Kung Fu Today

The Chinese Kung Fu Academy was established in 1958 and offers training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Today we continue to teach a unique and practical fighting style. Henry Sue’s Circular Tong Long is a system of fighting that utilises devastating power and incredible speed.

Enter into a training program of Kung Fu or Tai Chi that is challenging, promotes self-discipline, and keeps you motivated. Through your training you will learn an incredible skill, increase your fitness and gain better health in a safe environment.


CKFA Membership Fee

As of April of this year all students are required to pay an annual fee. The introduction of this $50 fee is a part of a costing restructure designed to make all of our great events more affordable and accessible. This means it will be easier for all to attend and no one need miss […]

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Master Grading

Master Jason Stinson, graded to 3rd degree over the holidays – Jason runs our school in China as well as overseeing the India branch through his 1st degree student Madhava d’Costa. His grading partners – a few injuries, well hidden.

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2014 Training Resumes @ HQ

Don’t forget the first day back for Kung Fu training at HQ for 2014 is Monday 13th January 2014.

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What’s On

  • Masters Training

    November 7
  • Interschool Tai Chi training (CANCELLED)

    November 14 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Masters Training

    November 21
  • Masters Training

    December 5
  • Masters Training

    December 19
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